3 Day trip to Margaret River

Day 1

Due to the restriction that has been in place this year in Western Australia with COVID-19. Our border restrictions (which I think are a good thing).

We are probably the luckiest place in the world at the moment as we can move around our great state freely; we have been able to for the last few months now.

My wife and I love to travel; our wings have been clipped for the time being. So we bought ourselves a small Jayco Dove pop-up caravan and started travelling within Western Australia.

My setup taken in Margaret River.

This is our little setup, my trusty 1-year-old Aldi Q2 and our Jayco Dove. I was limited to the size of the caravan I could get as the Aldi can only tow a maximum of 1300kg; the Jayco is 900kg.

We bought the Jayco about 6 weeks ago; it’s a 2001 model, but it’s in excellent condition. It has solar power, so we are not restricted to staying in caravan parks.

We have this little glass duck ornament that we call the “Travel Duck” it stays in the caravan, and every trip we make, we bring it out and put it on the table.

Our Travel Duck

This is a picture of our travel duck. We arrived in Margaret River for our 3-day mini holiday. Staying at the Margaret River Tourist ParkWe came about 3pm, checked in, set up the caravan on our ensuite site. We always try to get an ensuite area as it’s nice to have your own toilet and shower rather than share with everyone else. The ensuite sites are usually a few dollars more than the powered sites but believe me, well worth the extra cost.

Margaret River Tourist Park

As I said, we turned up at the caravan park at around 3pm on Monday afternoon. We are staying for 3 nights, leaving on Thursday.

Our first impressions were, this is very nice, it isn’t walking distance to town like the internet said, but that’s not a huge issue. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful when I checked in.

Once we got to site number 5 (Our home for the next 3 days), we reversed the van onto the paved pad and set it up, which only takes about 10 minutes. The ensuite was immaculate and had everything we needed. It was a bit smaller than we have had at other sites, but no issues with it.

The thing we have found with caravanning is the other people in the caravan parks are extremely friendly. They are always ready for a chat or ready to help someone out if need be. This was apparent the first night, our neighbours have a 3-year-old little girl, they had just come back from being out, and the little girl locked herself into their caravan. The parents were outside with no keys. They were franticly trying to coach her to unlock the door. The little girl was getting very upset and stressed. The nearby people in the caravan across from them came to help; they calmed the situation down and ended up getting the door unlocked, and it was a happy ending. It was great to see everyone helping each other out.

The Next Morning

I got up early, around 6am sat outside with my coffee and low and behold our travel duck had come alive.

Travel duck is alive

There was a group of 4–5 ducks wandering around our caravan. It’s great to see the wild life around at the different caravan parks we have stayed at.

Well today is a new day full of new adventure, I will let you know what we get up to today in my next story. I hope you enjoy reading about our travel adventures around this great state of ours.

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