Our key differentiators

Nextcloud Hub is the industry-leading, fully open-source, on-premises content collaboration platform. Teams access, share and edit their documents, chat and participate in video calls and manage their mail and calendar and projects across mobile, desktop and web interfaces.

1. Putting IT back in control

Nextcloud, a provider of on-premises solutions, directly and literally gives the customer control over their data. Instead of being lost in the cloud, your data is stored on a server that you control in your data center.

Our products incorporate strong controls and monitoring tools for data interchange and communication, including our exclusive workflow and file access control features, copious audit logs, precise sharing controls, and more.

Unlike rivals, we only provide hosting through partners and have no motivation to force clients to choose a SAAS solution.

2. Security and compliance first

Customers using Nextcloud are most concerned about security and compliance, giving us the edge over rivals.

Compliance issues are resolved in the most transparent way possible by hosting our enterprise product on-premises or in a local data centre.

Nextcloud includes a number of unique and innovative security technologies, ranging from brute force protection to advanced server-side and integrated end-to-end, client-side encryption with enterprise-grade key handling and a variety of security hardenings.

Our security has been reviewed by trusted third parties and is backed by a USD 10.000 Security Bug Bounty Program, giving you peace of mind that data meant to be kept private will remain private.

3. User Focus

Nextcloud believes that an open, transparent development process with a clear focus on user and customer needs results in a better product.

Working openly within and with the larger developer- and user community speeds up development, improves quality, and improves alignment with user needs.

Nextcloud Enterprise provides professional organisations with mission-critical software that has been optimised and tested.

Our unique support approach provides customers with something no other vendor can: direct access to core Nextcloud engineering expertise without a layer of support personnel between the customer and the knowledge they require. has more information.