Just A bit About Us

Hi there! We’re Maxine and Andrew. We live in Perth – Western Australia. I (Andrew) is interested in all things technology. One of my biggest interests is in the Blockchain and all it has to offer, from cryptocurrency to the latest trend of NFT’s. I began mining Bitcoin back many years ago when it was under $100 a BTC. I got into masternodes and then investing into the development of the Blockchain technology through the metaverse. I have recently got involved with the development of NFT’s. If you would like any information regarding this technology please contact me.

We’ve been travelling around the world together for over 20 years, exploring unique destinations, cultures and adventures. This works well with my obsession for cryptocurrency as we can earn a passive income while travelling.

Since 2020 and the start of COVID, we have been limited to our home state of Western Australia. Even though we haven’t been able to do any international or interstate travel we have continued to get out and explore our own state as much as possible.

The New Tesla

With my love for technology I have recently purchased a Tesla Model 3 SR+. This is one of the best cars I have ever owned. The technology built into this car is unbelievable. It drives itself, it knows everything that is happening around it. I would have to say it is one of the most advances cars on the market. The Tesla is the pinnacle of technology.

Andrew Hansen - Tesla

Our Travel Philosophy

We believe in just getting out and having fun in everything we do. We are here for a good time, not a long time. Life is short. We are enjoying it to the maximum.

Since Maxine and I got married back in 1987, we have been travelling the world. I think from memory. Our first adventure was a camping trip to the South West of Western Australia. Once our daughter was born, we didn’t stop our adventures. We just took her along with us. She now has two children of her own, and they are also creating their family adventures and memories.

We are very fortunate with my type of work to have been able to have the time to be able to travel a lot.

Over the years, we have been to some great countries and stayed in some fantastic hotels. On the flip side, we’ve been on some great camping trips sleeping in a tent in the middle of the bush. It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are with; enjoy every moment and create great memories.

Andrew Hansen - Relaxing In Bali

We love to live life to the full. Whether that be playing with cryptocurrency or travelling the world. Hopefully one day in the near future we will be able to travel instead of having to work. Living off our crypto investments in the Metaverse. We will be able to say, don’t know where we’ll be in a week or a month. We do what we want for as long as we wish to, always trying out new experiences.