3 Day trip to Margaret River

Day 2

Our second day in Margaret River started with a bit of rain we didn’t mind. It only lasted about 1/2 hr.

Morning Coffee

I was sitting outside under the annex having my morning coffee. I got a visit from some more wildlife. This little bird popped in for a visit.

Morning visit while having a coffee

The day just got better; the sun came out, the clouds went away, and it was a beautiful day in the South West.
Maxine and I headed into the city centre to wander around for a look. It was like a ghost town. We have been to Margaret River many times over the years, and it has always been a bustling, thriving town. We got talking to some of the local business owners to find out what has happened. Since the beginning of the year, the work has been going on. It won’t be completed until the middle to end of December.

Town Center of Margaret River

The town’s main street is also causing massive issues for them. They are doing an enormous re-development, and it looks like a construction site. They have dug it up, there are fences all around, and it’s tough to find your way into any of the businesses. Since the beginning of the year, the re-development has been going on and won’t be finished until mid to end of December. There have been many businesses close down over the last few months, including the long term. I mean 30 + years in business in Margaret River; this is a real shame for the community.
They appreciate people like us popping in for a few days and supporting them by spending our money in their community.
Here is a photo I took of the nearly-completed section of the main street. But 70% of the main road is still a big hole in the ground, all fenced off.

Main street of Margaret River

Heading over to Dunsborough

Our next stop today was Corrynne’s Soaps; this is an excellent place for all your natural soaps and skincare. Corrynne’s have been making natural products for 25 years now.

Corrynne’s are also a new customer of ours. They purchase our Beeswax Lip Balm and Lip Scrub. Their leading shop and warehouse in Dunsborough but also have a great little shop in the Fremantle Markets.

Swings and Roundabouts

Lunch Time

After spending about an hour with Elise (the owner), it was off to get some lunch. We headed to Swings and Roundabouts winery and restaurant. A good friend of ours recommended this place.

If you are ever down this way, definitely have a meal here; you won’t be disappointed. The location is fantastic; the food is excellent. Check out a couple of photos I took from the restaurant. And the grounds. I was so impressed with the decor in the bathroom I took a picture of the basin. Lucky no one walked in on me while I had my camera out in the bathroom; that might have been awkward. Check it out, isn’t that the best basin you have seen? It reminds me of the cowboy movies I watched when I was a young boy.

Basin in the Bathroom.
Restaurant at Swings and Roundabouts

Time to Explore

After a bite to eat, it is time to explore some more. We have been coming down to this part of the South West for years. The good thing is the number of excellent wineries, restaurants and businesses that you never get to see them all. There will always be one you haven’t been to; there will be your favourites that you always go back to as well.

The Black Brewing Co.

We found a new one that we had never been to before. It’s The Black Brewing Co. What a great place for a couple of quiet local brewed beers. The food looked great as well; we didn’t eat anything as we just finished lunch.

We will be coming back here for a meal and a few drinks on our next visit.

They also have tours of the brewery to see how they male the beer, then kick back and enjoy a few cold ones looking over the water fountain and lake.

Anytime is a great time of day to find a hot chocolate. There are no shortages of chocolate places here. Margaret River Chocolate Factory, which is probably the most well-known, but we found another one called Gabriel Chocolate, they are an award-winning chocolatier. We popped in for a hot chocolate and a lemon sorbet.

Gabriel Chocolate.

That ends our 2nd day in Margaret River and surrounding area’s. My Mum loves photos of flowers, she will often put them on her FaceBook. I took this photo at The Black Brewing Co. of a water lily. (I’m not an expert on flowers, it’s in the pond). Enjoy your day and I hope you enjoy our story.

Flower at The Black Brewing Co.

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