Mums Now vs Mums Then

Andrew Hansen - Mums Now v Mums Then

This is my personal view. I know it might offend some people.

I was brought up the old way. I ate garden snails off the wall when I was very young. I drank bore water at the oval while playing cricket. We were always playing outside in the heat of Karratha. It didn’t kill me or even make me sick.

My Mum bought me, my 2 sisters and 2 brothers up the way of the “Mums Then”. I believe she did a great job preparing us to cope with the real world.

I believe “Mums Now” is not giving the young kids of today those skills to be able to cope. We are wrapping them up in cotton wool, worried they will get offended. Well, guess what, the real world is not fair, it doesn’t care about your feelings, you need to get over it and toughen up.

One thought on “Mums Now vs Mums Then

  1. Frida Muttitt says:

    Thanks for the compliment Andrew. I have no regret in the way we brought you up and I agree with you kids these days can’t cope with real life.

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