2021 Mandurah Christmas Lights

Andrew Hansen - Christmas Kombie

Mandurah Dec 2021

This year we headed down to Mandurah on the 27th Dec in the Tesla for a couple of days, staying at the Sebel on the Mandurah foreshore. The Sebel is a great hotel in a fantastic location, we have stayed here a couple of times now, the staff are very friendly, rooms are always very clean and best of all there are plenty of places to eat and drink within walking distance.

We also took our e-scooters down with us. It was a great opportunity to enjoy the Mandurah foreshore riding around on our scooters. The weather was fantastic, a bit hot during the day but perfect at night to burn around. We got some great photos of the Christmas lights on the Mandurah foreshore, check them out.

Trip down to Mandurah

Mandurah is about an hours drive from our home in Burswood. It is basically straight down the freeway heading south. I took this opportunity to test out the autopilot system on the Tesla.

As you can imagine the autopilot worked a treat, I drove nearly all the way from home to Mandurah with the car in autonomous mode. Because the Govt. doesn’t like cars driving by themselves I did have to touch the steering wheel every-time the message came up on the screen, just to let the car know I’m still awake and to keep the Govt. happy.

The autopilot system is fantastic it steers the car around corners, keeps the car at a curtain distant away from the car in front. I love it, can’t wait until all cars are autonomous.

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