Weekend with the Grandkids – Day 2

Andrew Hansen - Lakyn Kicking the soccer ball

Sunday – Day 2

Sunday was another fun-filled day with Lakyn and Indee. They slept until around 9:30 am as they were exhausted from the activities from Saturday. It’s a weekend with the Grandkids.

After breakfast, they got ready to explore the WA Day festival, which was just down the road from where we live. It is being held on the parkland in Burswood, just next to the Crown Resort complex.

Today the weather wasn’t the best. That didn’t bother us. We decided to walk, and it started raining on our way there. Luckily we had our umbrella with us. We made it to the festival without getting too wet. Our first stop was to a big tent to get out of the rain. Indee enjoyed the drawing activities in this tent. Lakyn was a bit bored, but his time will come. There was plenty of things for him to do.

Andrew Hansen – Indee enjoying the drawing lesson.

The rain was on and off all day, but that didn’t ruin our day. Lakyn found the Perth Glory soccer display. He tested his soccer skills by kicking the ball onto the roof. Indee and Maxine went on some spinning ride. After that ride, Maxine was not well. She was vomiting in the garden beds.

Andrew Hansen - Lakyn Kicking the soccer ball
Andrew Hansen – Lakyn Kicking the soccer ball

Low and behold, we came across a fishing game, Lakyn had a go. He won a plastic sword. We wandered around for a while and came across the Royal Australian Air Force display. Lakyn was in his element. We were there for the rest of the day. They had VR flight simulators, Lakyn spent heaps of time playing on them.

There was another massive downpour. I have never seen so many people squeeze into a small display tent. The RAAF had never had so many people interested in their display either. It was the funniest thing seeing so many people run for cover.

We decided it was time to head back to the Crown for a couple of drinks. I think everyone else thought the same thing. It was packed. We wandered around, trying to find somewhere to sit so we could order a drink. That was a challenge in itself. Crown was packed. We finally got a lounge, so we ordered a couple of drinks and a cheese platter.

Andrew Hansen – Crown pink trees

After an hour or so, enjoying a couple of drinks and people watching, it was time to brave the weather and head home. We made it home without too many dramas. Now it was time for dinner, and you guessed it, we went out to one of our favourites, the Swan River Hotel in Ascot.

Andrew Hansen - Swan River Resort
Andrew Hansen – Swan River Resort

That brings this day to an end. The kids are exhausted, and so am I. It has been a great couple of days spending time with them. I think they enjoyed themselves. We enjoyed the weekend with the Grandkids. Until next time, have fun and enjoy every minute you have. More play and less work, I say.

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