Heading North to Jurien Bay

Andrew Hansen - Jurien Bay

It was time to head off for another 3-day short adventure. This time, we headed to Jurien Bay. It is just over 200km North of Perth, about a 2-hour drive. We hooked up the Jayco and hit the road.

Jurien Bay is a small fishing town. The primary industry is crayfish, also known as Lobster. It is also well known for its fishing, diving and snorkelling. Under sunny skies for most of the year, this relaxed fishing town has some of the best long sandy beaches, colourful offshore reefs and incredible marine life. It is also very close to The Pinnacles. Both Maxine and I haven’t been to the Pinnacles before, so we were very excited to head there on this trip.

On arriving at Jurien Bay, we headed to the caravan park to get set up. We had one of the best sites available in the park. Right across from the beach. Check out the photo.

Andrew Hansen – Check out our site at Jurien Bay.

Sheltered by a string of islands and limestone reefs, the snorkelling and diving are first-rate, with underwater caves and coral gardens covered in colourful sponges waiting to be explored. Protected by the Jurien Bay Marine Park, these habitats are also a haven for the rare Australian sea lion.

Andrew Hansen - Jurien Bay
Andrew Hansen – Jurien Bay | Long White Sandy Beaches

Trip to “The Pinnacles”

To the south, Mother Nature has also created one of the unique lunar-like landscapes on the planet – the Pinnacles of Nambung National Park. Formed over millions of years, thousands of tall limestone spires rise eerily out of the yellow desert sands – an incredible sight to behold at sunrise or sunset.

Andrew Hansen - Pinnacles
Andrew Hansen – Pinnacles | Maxine at The Pinnacles

Day Trip to Cervantes

We also spent a day in Cervantes. It’s a 25km trip south of Jurien Bay. There is a bay named after my Dad, “Hansen Bay”. My Dad drowned while carrying out hydrographic survey work on the Northside of Rottnest Island back in 1982. He also did a lot of hydrographic surveying in Cervantes and Jurien Bay to provide a safe place for the fisherman. We arrived in Cervantes, and the road into the bay was closed as they were doing road works. Just my luck, we will have to come back another time. I got a photo of the sign.

Andrew Hansen - Hansen Bay
Andrew Hansen – Hansen Bay | Cervantes

Check out this fence around a house in Jurien Bay. I thought this was great. Small thing amuses small minds as they say. I enjoy the small things in life, and this impressed me.

Andrew Hansen - Surfboard Fence | Jurien Bay
Andrew Hansen – Surfboard Fence | Jurien Bay

We hope you enjoyed reading about this trip to Jurien Bay, Cervantes and “The Pinnacles”. We enjoyed our small staycation, until next time, stay safe and enjoy yourself.

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