Our Long Awaited Return To Bali-Day 3

Andrew Hansen - Bali beach restaurant

Day 3 of our Bali Adventure

Today was a rest day mainly, but it did start with another foot massage.

Another foot massage

From there, it was back to the hotel, and we sat around the pool, had lunch and a few beers.

The great thing about sitting around the pool in a resort is getting to meet and chat with other people. Those of you that know me know I don’t mind a chat, I enjoy socialising. We met two Aussies ladies from South Australia but are living in Bali and working at the Australian International School. We chatted for a couple of hours as one of our dreams is to live in Bali, so getting first-hand information was excellent.

I also took the opportunity to sell them some of my skincare products. They were very keen on the Hemp Creams and also the VitaStiks. I never let an opportunity go by, even while holidaying in Bali.

Relaxing around the pool

After relaxing all afternoon at the pool, it is time to get out on the streets again. Our stay at “The Stones” comes to an end tomorrow, so we need to find somewhere else to stay for the last two nights we are in Bali.

We wandered down the road to the Kuta area to take a look at a few hotels. We have always wanted to stay at the Sheraton Kuta. It’s above the Beach Walk mall, so we went into the reception and ask for a look at a room. Below is a couple of photos at the Sheraton.

Pool are at the Sheraton Kuta

The pool area at the Sheraton Kuta looks impressive. I took this photo from the lobby, looking down onto the pool.

View of the complex from the balcony.

Check out this view of the Sheraton complex from the balcony of the room we viewed. The rooms are huge and very nice. Sorry, I didn’t get a photo of the room, but I will add one in tomorrows post when we move into our room.

Sunset photo taken from the lobby

I couldn’t resist not getting this sunset shot of Kuta Beach taken from the hotel’s lobby.

After the excitement of looking through the Sheraton, I was starving, so time to head out for some dinner. On our way out for something to eat, we ran into these two guys. I got these photos for Lakyn (our Grandson who is 6), who loves the Transformers. I know the yellow one is Bumblebee but not sure of the name of the other one. I’m sure Lakyn will tell me when I get home.


We found a nice restaurant for dinner. It wasn’t hard there are so many great places to eat in Bali, and generally, the food is fantastic. We settled for Cafe Sardinia it’s located on the Beach Walk mall just opposite Kuta beach. I had another Vegan or Vegetarian meal. It was the “Super Food Salad”, and I washed it down with a Bintang. The food was delicious. I highly recommend this place to eat.

Super Food Salad

The end of day three has come. If you haven’t read day one or day two, click on the links to catch up on our Bali adventure.

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