Our Long Awaited Return to Bali

Andrew Hansen - Main Photo Bali Day 1 Post

Leaving Perth, Day 1

The day has finally arrived. The day we return to Bali for a holiday, it has been over a year since my wife, and I have been to Bali. That is the longest time between trips for us. We usually would average 4–6 visits a year.

As they say, Bali is the holiday playground for West Aussies. We love everything about Bali, the people, the culture and the weather. Most of all the people, the Balinese are always smiling, always happy for what they have. They are very family-focused and will do anything for you. The service they provide is fantastic, and nothing is too hard for them. People in Australia could learn a lot from the Balinese people when it comes to providing customer service.

A very rear selfie on the plane. (I don’t take many selfies)

We are on the plane, and about an hour into the flight, my wife is sound asleep. I should explain a bit about a couple of days before our adventure started.

We have been moving apartments the last few days. I have been doing the night shift at work for the previous three days before leaving. Only getting about 3 hours of sleep during the day, I would get up and move the big stuff to the new apartment, then head off to work and do a 12.5-hour shift. I did this for the three-night shifts. Thank goodness for Hairy Lemon (a vitamin supplement). My wife had been doing a lot of the move on her own. She was not getting to bed until 2:30 am on the days leading up to this trip. It’s no wonder she crashed out on the flight over to Bali.

We left Perth at 1:40 pm on Jetstar JQ106 bound for Bali. There were a few thunderstorms around Perth, so the take-off was a bit bumpy but other than that, the flight was the usual uneventful 3.5 hours.

On arrival in Bali, they put us into a holding pattern for about 20 min. There were a lot of clouds around. I am a pilot myself. I love to try and determine what the different clouds are, so I have included a couple of photos taken out of the window while waiting on clearance to land.

Clouds coming in to Bali
Love the awesomeness of these clouds

Arriving in Bali

We touched down on Bali soil at around 5:25 pm. It feels great to be back in Bali. There is a bit of congestion through customs. Everyone had to be scanned for the coronavirus, which is the latest big thing for travellers. Other than that, we got through within about 30 min, which is very good for Bali.

We met our long time friend and local Indonesian Emil, who picked us up at the airport and took us to “The Stones” resort where we will be staying for the next few days. It was great to catch up with Emil and hear what he and his family has been doing over the past year. Emil always has an ice-cold Bintang waiting for me when he picks us up. The first one went down a treat. I finished the second before we arrived at the resort.

All checked in. Everything unpacked, it’s time to hit the streets to find some dinner. Oh no, it’s raining here as we walk the streets looking for something to eat. At least it is still around 30 degrees C. We finally decided to eat at Kitchenette, one of our favourites at Beach Walk in Kuta. Food is always great.

Stay tuned for day 2 of this great Bali adventure. I will be doing a daily update on our 5-day adventure to Bali.

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