We love to travel and also spend time with family.

While we are out and about on our travels or with our family we will try our best to post what we have been doing.


We live in Perth WA

Both myself and Maxine grew up in Perth, Western Australia. We spent about 13 years of our married life living in Karratha.

We have one daughter and two grandkids. When we look after our grandkids, we enjoy taking them places.

We love to travel and have been to many places around the world. Maxine was born in Norwich, UK, so she still has a lot of her family over there. We do try to write a blog on the places we go to visit. Head over to the blog page and have a read. We do appreciate your feed back.

Ritz-Carlton Perth


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Social Media

We hope to be able to give you a tonne of useful information about the areas we go. In order to help others better understand where you are going, we aim to offer accurate travel information.


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Our recent trip to Windsor UK

We travelled to the UK for 4 weeks on vacation in June or July of this year. On the way over, we stayed in Dubai for five days. We spent our first several days in the UK in Windsor. This is a fantastic area of the UK; we took a tour of the castle and strolled through the gardens.

After spending three days in Windsor, we travelled to Norwich, the hometown of Maxine, where we stayed for two weeks. We enjoyed meeting up with her family very much.


Our Blog

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